Healing the Nation through Patriot Week

Over a decade ago, my then 10 year old daughter Leah pounded on a table and demanded a new celebration for America – and Patriot Week was born. She did so because the traditional civic calendar had been hallowed out by empty excuses for three-day weekends, barbecues, and appliance sales. The idea was to renew […]

The 19th Amendment

Before outbreak of the American Revolution, colonies were deeply embedded in the patriarchal traditions and customs of the entire world. All cultures and civilizations had placed women in a subordinate position in the political and social realm. However, the Declaration of Independence raised the consciousness of at least some women and men about the inequality […]

It’s Still a Grand Old Flag

As I write this the flag outside my window is snapping briskly in the wind. It’s a sight that always thrills me, and one that is ubiquitous in America. Go to almost any neighborhood and the Stars and Stripes is hanging proudly from offices, stores and, most importantly, homes. Two-thirds of Americans own flags. In […]

Proud to be an American?

Proud to be an American? A recent Gallup poll reveals that such pride has dropped precipitously this year. Conducted from May 28-June 4, 2020, the poll reveals the lowest pride in America since the poll began in 2001. 42% are extremely proud, 21% are very proud, 15% are moderately proud, 12% are a little proud, […]

Flag Day 2020

As the tumult of the trifecta of COVID-19, protests/riots, and economic distress grip our country, we are, of all things, supposed to celebrate the flag on June 14. Once an innocuous display of patriotism, you can no doubt envision the histrionic divides that celebrating our national emblem will likely bring. Before those who might desire […]

Memorial Day in 2020

With much of the nation shutdown due to COVID-19, one might not even remember that May 25, 2020 is a Monday – or, more importantly, Memorial Day. The customary Memorial Day festivities of barbecues, beer, wearing white, traveling, and shopping will be truncated, if not arrested. But perhaps this is a sublime unintended consequence of […]

COVID-19: We are all Federalists Now

Federalism is a cornerstone of our Constitutional republic and our freedom. It is also on life-support. For generations, it has been shunted to the side by “respectable” academia, educators, judges, media, and intelligentsia as a quaint vestige of the founding era. It has mostly been tolerated to foster, in the terms of Justice Louis Brandeis, […]

The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

April is known for showers and taxes. But perhaps the most pivotal day in modern history occurred on April 19, 1775 – the day of the Shot Heard ‘Round the World. Yes, it was more than a full year before America declared independence, but the world truly changed on April 19. 700 British troops were […]

Stop Attacks on Asian Americans – Judge Warren Commentary

Personally, I have no problem with President Trump’s labeling the current pandemic the “Chinese flu.” Like the Spanish flu (interestingly enough traceable back to France, Kansas, or China), he is simply following a time honored tradition. Likewise, the gnashing of teeth about closing the boarders as racist, xenophobia seems nothing more than the overwrought attacks […]