Teacher/School Mini Grants


The Patriot Week Foundation will be supporting K-12 best practices commemorating Patriot Week in 2021-2022. A classroom grant of $250-$500 will support teacher stipends and teaching materials for K-12 students.
Grant recipients will demonstrate best practices of implementing Patriot Week in one or more classrooms, and provide Patriot Week with instructional materials, videos, and/or pictures that can be shared with other educators across the nation.
Grants will support replicable methods of instruction, with a focus on appropriate grade level learning. Creativity and innovation, truly engaging student learning, is encouraged. Potential ideas include, but are not limited to:

• Create a classroom library of grade-appropriate Civics-focused books
• Purchase a classroom set of a single Civics-focused book
• Purchase art materials to support a Patriot Week poster making project
• Purchase book-making materials and create a classroom book or individual student books with an appropriate theme such as: What is the American Spirit?
• Purchase replicas of the flags featured on the Patriot Week website and use them to enhance a lesson on flags.
• Purchase a digital camera to take photos of classroom projects during Patriot Week.