k-12 Contest Renewing The American Spirit Competition Project

Overview of the project:

This project gives students an opportunity to:
• Explore the characteristics of the American Spirit
• Design and carry out a project to renew the American Spirit

What are the characteristics of the American Spirit?

• Political Protests and Marches?
• Religious Liberty and Religious Pluralism?
• Protecting the Social compact by Respecting the Environment?
• Ensuring Justice for All?
• An Appreciation of American History?
• Civic Responsibility
• Patriotism?


• Elementary – Projects will be classroom-based and submitted by teachers
• Secondary – Projects will be designed and carried out by individual or small
groups of students.


• Register your project by Veterans Day (November 11), 2021 by completing the Registration Form
• Produce a short video (5 minutes or shorter) that describes your project and
how it renewed the American Spirit0


• Kickoff: Patriot Week, September 2021

• Registration by February 14, 2021
• Submission of documentation and video by April 29, 2022
• Announcement of Winners: May 20, 2021
• Awards Celebration and Ceremony: Patriot Week (September), 2022


• $500 cash award for winning educator plus recognition plaque.