The James Wilson Institute Teaches the Moral Foundations of the Law

Should the U.S. Constitution be interpreted through the lens of the Declaration of Independence? A recent debate hosted by The Federalist Society pitting teacher and writer Hadley Arkes against University of Toledo law professor Lee Strang demonstrated that this is not merely an academic question. It touches on the foundations of the American regime – the “Novus […]

Acceptance Speech at ABA

Addressing the Importance of the Rule of Law Reggie Turner August 9, 2021 Judge Langford Morris, thank you for presiding over my swearing-in, and also for your longtime friendship and service to the bar. We value your remarkable service to the ABA and our profession, notably your leadership as chair of the ABA Commission on […]

Patriot Week Advisory Board Member Elected President of the ABA

Reginald Turner’s dad was a Detroit cop. When he was 7, Richard Turner Sr. made it clear that he wanted his young son to be a lawyer. Reginald Turner Sr. died in 1990 but not before he witnessed many of his son’s career successes. “He was very proud of the fact that I had followed […]


As we approach Independence Day, the toxic cultural and political environment in which we live continues to slowly unravel our once shared belief in the American Dream. Many people this July 4th will undoubtedly go through the empty gestures of fireworks, barbecues, and family gatherings. Hardly any will reflect on the magnificent Declaration of Independence […]

Fighting For Freedom – God Bless Our Veterans!

Today we honor those brave men and women who throughout the ages have defended our liberty in the armed services. Originally today was called “Armistice Day” – in commemoration of the end of hostilities during The Great War (i.e., World War I). In 1918, at 11:00 on 11/11, the great powers ended the fighting pending […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey and stuffing. Detroit Lions Football. Turkey Trots. Parades and the arrival of Santa. Followed by frenzied shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Maybe a bit of charity on Giving Tuesday. The ultimate American holiday. What more could you need? Gratitude. Blessings. Humility. Although historical debate surrounds the origins of Thanksgiving in colonial America, […]

San Francisco School District Is Wrong to Cancel Lincoln

A school district in San Francisco has cancelled Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln High School is going to be renamed. Why? “Lincoln, like the presidents before him and most after, did not show through policy or rhetoric that black lives ever mattered to them outside of human capital and as casualties or wealth building,” Jeremiah Jefferies, […]

Censorship In Cyberspace VS. We The People

Freedom of expression is an invaluable principle enshrined in our Constitution; it undeniably fortifies every other unalienable right and allows our nation to adapt and evolve. The ability to express ourselves is crucial in building on our nation’s foundation and cultivating change that creates a wealth of opportunities for her people. The freedoms of our […]

Top 10 Reasons the Constitution is Revolutionary

The United States Constitution is not some musty piece of parchment, in barely legible calligraphy, irrelevant to our lives. To the contrary, it is a revolutionary document of profound historical and current significance. If you don’t believe that, here are the “Top Ten” reasons you should change your mind: 1. A Written Constitution. The Constitution […]

Fortifying the American Mind: The Fund for American Studies

“We take seriously the idea that a republic cannot long survive without a virtuous citizenry,” says Brenda Hafera of The Fund for American Studies. TFAS’s mission is to “win over each new generation to the ideas of liberty, limited government, and free markets” by offering educational programs for students and young journalists around the world. […]