David McCullough: America’s Storyteller  

By: Hans Zeigler Historian David McCullough, who passed away on Aug. 7, spent his life telling stories that his fellow citizens should know. He wrote well-known biographies of John Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and the Wright Brothers. He got his start chronicling the Johnstown Flood before turning to the creation of the Brooklyn Bridge […]

Celebrating Flag Day

“As we raise our flag, let us resolve always to cherish it with reverence and eternal gratitude so that the red, white, and blue may forever wave from sea to shining sea,” the proclamation from the White House On June 14, 1777 (now Flag Day), the Continental Congress, adopted the national flag through the following […]

The Matthew J. Ryan Center: Where Civic and Liberal Education Meet

By: Mike Sabo At the heart of the Matthew J. Ryan Center at Villanova University is an unabashed love of America and an open acknowledgement of its greatness, says director Steven F. McGuire. The Ryan Center, he notes, was founded to take seriously American history, traditions, and principles and to promote the study of free societies more […]

The Program on Constitutionalism and Democracy Delivers a Civic Education

By: Mike Sabo Civic education should supply “what students need to know to be participants in American public life,” says University of Virginia professor James W. Ceaser. But that goal is not being met at any educational level today. At the primary and secondary levels, Ceaser contends that civics mostly “isn’t being taught well or […]

Supreme Court Leak Poses ‘Grave Threat to our Republic’

On May 2, Politico published a draft majority opinion of the United States Supreme Court in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The draft reverses the landmark Roe v Wade, which found a federal constitutional right to an abortion. The resulting media frenzy and political explosion, including protests at Justices’ homes, proves exactly why the […]

Law Day – A Commentary

               On a daily basis we Americans take for granted a remarkable blessing – the rule of law.  We believe that the law should govern – not the personal whims of those in power.  We believe that serious disputes should be settled in courtrooms or elections – not the streets; that we and government officials […]

The Tocqueville Program Fosters Self-Governing Citizens

By: Mike Sabo Professors Benjamin and Jenna Storey have a motto: “Education must begin from where the students are.” Today, they note, “an increasing number of bright, politically interested young people prefer Karl Marx, Carl Schmitt, and Malcolm X to the ‘Federalist Papers,’ John Stuart Mill, and Martin Luther King, Jr.” While the Storeys find such attractions “obviously troubling,” they also “take […]